Welcome to the Ubiquitin Signalling Team

The Ubiquitin Signalling Team at the University of Leeds is led by Dr Elton Zeqiraj. We are located in the city of Leeds in the beautiful region of Yorkshire, England. Our lab studies how Ubiquitin governs cell signalling networks. We are interested in Ubiquitin Structural Biology with our main focus being deubiquitinating enzymes (a.k.a. DUBs). The majority of our efforts are dedicated towards understanding how DUBs are activated allosterically, and how they can be inhibited when it is beneficial to do so. Please visit our research page to learn more.

This website is still under construction. Please forgive any broken links or incomplete information.

Structural Biology

We use Cryo-Electron Microscopy and X-ray Crystallography to elucidate structures of proteins

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Drug Discovery

We use High-Throughput screening, enzymology and structure-guided drug design to identify enzyme inhibitors

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We use biophysical techniques to probe protein-protein and enzyme-inhibitor interactions

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Cell Biology

We use a combination of cellular and in vivo assays to probe structure-function relationships

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